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Asphalt preservation

Asphalt Surface Repair

Remove and replace existing asphalt surface in low or deteriorated areas with hot mix asphalt.  In some cases, sub-grade will need to be removed and replaced with a thickened aggregate base.  

Perimeter will be saw cut and removed and/or pulverizing.

Seal Coating

Protects you asphalt surface from the aging process, traffic wearing, and the damage from Arizona weather.  We use only proven high quality products as manufactured and supplied by SealMaster.

We have extensive asphalt pavement maintenance experience which is one of our specialties. We can provide a full range of pavement preservation solutions for your asphalt pavement surface needs. A wide range of clients range from municipal to homeowners associations. 

Keep your asphalt roads & parking areas professionally maintained by a qualified contractor


Striping & Signage 

Providing complete striping and signage services relevant to your parking lot needs.  Services can inlcude design and layout for parking stalls, ADA handicap, cross walks, directional arrows, curb marking, fire lanes, reflective metal signs, etc.

Crack Seal

Asphalt pavement will develop cracks over time.  Crack filling helps to prevents water damage to the sub-grade underlying pavement surface. We use only top quality rubberized products as manufactured by Crafco, Inc.

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